What is Bramble Stories?

You might be asking yourself what is a Bramble Story or even, what is a bramble? The bramble is a very small, black fruit that grows freely on the vine. Some may consider it an annoying weed, but we see it’s beauty. It’s wild. It’s sweet. You can make jams and wine and together, the vines can form an impenetrable thicket.

Bramble Stories is a storytelling group where our participants will be safe, seen, and heard. Our stories may be wild, they may be sweet, and like the vines of the bramble berry bush, we want to create a community that like our stories, is interwoven. Our stories are timed.  Each storyteller has 10 minutes to read or perform their story. So instead of Rambling On, We’ll Bramble On.

Everyone, Let’s Bramble On!

Who We Are

Melissa Ford Thornton
Storyteller, Co-Founder

California girl with a Southern accent, Melissa Ford Thornton was born in Redondo Beach, CA. and earned her M.A. from the University of Alabama in Huntsville. She is Communications Director for the historic, nonprofit Princess Theatre Center for the Performing Arts. She is an award-winning writer, poet, storyteller and lyricist. She has performed on stage at The Moth, Arc Stories, Tenx 9 Nashville Storytelling, Athens Storytelling Festival, Stories Under the Stars and Tin Can Stories.

Melissa's work has been published by Silver Birch Press and she is a frequent guest on NPR-affiliate WLRH 's Sundial Writer's Corner. She is a member of Public Relations Council of North Alabama, The Americana Music Association, National Storytelling Network and Out Loud HSV Spoken Word Community.

Sam Mitchell
Storyteller, Co-Founder

Graphic designer and illustrator Sam Mitchell (he/his/him) is now located in Huntsville, Alabama. Sam received his BFA in Design from the University of Georgia to formalize his interest in commercial art and has been working in the field of Graphic Design ever since.

When he’s not binging Netflix, listening to Hall & Oates or obsessing over his toy collection, he also likes to tell stories. Sam is host and co-founder of Tin Can Stories and a proud member of Out Loud HSV. He has been featured at Write Club ATL, Tenx9 Nashville, the Princess Theater: Center for Performing Arts  and on Sundial Writers Corner.